Tibetan Healing Yoga

Nejang – Movement to Health

Published in ‘Living Now’ Issue 196, August 2016

Inviting movement into our lives is akin to a dance of life. In the Tibetan medical system, it’s an inner dance rather than an external one. Nejang is Tibetan Healing Yoga and literally means ‘purifying the energy of the body’. It’s a system used by physicians and their patients to balance internal energy, open the chakras and relax the mind.

This Tibetan yoga (known in Tibetan as Tsalung Trulkhor) has 24 simple, effective exercises or movements which can be used for general wellbeing as well as for curing specific disorders. Old Tibetan texts mention that these movements have basic healing functions and additional therapeutic benefits.

Quite simply, each of the 24 movements have various Tantric and Medical benefits. To garner any benefit from the exercises, they are to be repeated a minimum of three times. Let’s look at a few exercises but first, sit comfortably on the floor in easy cross legged position.

For each of these movements, you need to inhale, drawing the breath into the navel level and hold the breath while executing the exercise. Once the movement is completed, exhale fully as though expelling tension and toxins.

Neck – Vigorously rub or massage the sides of the neck, then stretch to the sides bringing the left ear towards the left shoulder. Repeat on the other side.
– On the Tantric level, this exercise is good for navel problems
– From the Medical perspective, it releases tension in the neck, helps headaches and aids breathing problems such as asthma

Eyes – Keeping the head facing forward and only moving the eyes, gaze upwards, downwards, left and then right. Repeat 3 times.
– Tantric level – this heals the eyes and balances lacrimation
– Medical level – balances the liver, gall bladder and pancreas

Head – Lower the head bringing the chin to the chest, and then raise the head up and all the way back, face to the ceiling. Repeat 3 times.
– Tantric – Balances abdominal bloating (of stomach and spleen energy)
– Medical – Cures headache and migraines, aids memory, clears the mind and relaxes internal organs

Shoulder shrugging – With the right hand, massage the left shoulder, then shrug and – release. Repeat on the other side.
– Tantric – Heals the heart
– Medical – Releases shoulder tension, great for lung problems, relaxes the diaphragm to release tension, treats hiccups.

The entire 24 Nejang protocol progressively moves you through each body part, culminating in the integration of the whole body, opening the energy channels and circulating blood. Like dancing, these movements invigorate the entire body and bring a flush to the cheeks.