Thought Connections

Our thoughts set the Universal Fishing Rod in motion

A chance encounter a few weeks ago has brought home to me the importance of our thoughts and that, when we think of something or someone, it’s as though we send out a fishing line to hook on to that thing or person, and it’s reeled in to us. We might catch a huge Marlin, an aggressive White Pointer or perhaps a little Rainbow Trout.

A few weeks ago, I decided to drive out to a retail outlet, one I’d never been to before even though my mum and sister frequented regularly. The moment I walked in, I noticed a lady look directly at me and I thought ‘Do I know her?’, though it quickly disappeared as I scanned, plotting my navigation around the store. I often do that. It’s a Buddhist habit as we tend to move clockwise when we circumambulate sacred objects, not that this store was sacred. Like I said, it’s a habit.

Interestingly, after searching for and finding what I was looking for, that same lady approached me by my name. I looked at her not knowing who she was and wondered if she was my mum or sister’s friend. No, nothing as boring as that. She was in fact my ex-boyfriends cousin. I don’t recall exactly how I reacted but I was pleasant to her, even though I racked my brain trying to recollect who she was. As we chatted, I came to know two important things from her:

1) Like me, this was also her first time in this store
2) She had thought of me in relation to another matter just the week before

These two factors kept playing in my mind over and over again. Before driving off, I sat inside my car thinking about our ‘chance’ encounter. Why, after almost 25 years, did we both happen to go to the same shop, a store which is not particularly near our homes, meaning we had to make a conscious effort to travel there.

Several days later, thoughts were still dogging me about this chance encounter. Was it really chance? What was I supposed to learn from this? Why was the universe presenting this to me? So, I decided to meditate on it.

I came to the realisation that it wasn’t about me at all. I didn’t need to see her or reconnect, nor was there any aspect in this encounter about my ex. No, it had to do with her. She mentioned that she had thought of me the week before and now, as I sat back reviewing the encounter, I saw in my imagination a giant fishing rod.

As she thought of me that time, it was as if her thought sent out a giant fishing rod to reel me in to her reality. That fishing rod (I like to refer to it as a Universal Fishing Rod) sent a lure to me and set me on a course where we would meet at the same shop on the same day and time.

I was caught in the web or line of someone else’s universal lure. So it wasn’t about me, it was her thought pattern that set the scene in motion, and the universe responded. I was just a pawn.

So how many times have I done that to someone else? Or something? I can think of a few incidences. This ‘chance’ encounter wasn’t really chance. It is just one example of how strong our thoughts truly are. Every thought, good or bad, sends out the Universal Fishing Rod (UFR) and reels in exactly what you have sent out. Maybe this is another way to explain Karma – Cause and Effect. If you send your thoughts out in a negative way, the UFR will return to you what you have asked for.

Perhaps we need to keep a check on what our thoughts are ‘fishing’ for? I know I certainly do.