Ku Nye Massage

massageimageI believe massage is a continuation of the sense of touch – hands on body – and yet massage goes much further than just skin deep, even deeper than muscle, fascia and tendons. A good caring massage delves deep down, right to the depth of your being. It’s nurturing, creates feelings of well-being, trust and joy, the emotional aspect of massage is extremely important.

Ku Nye Massage is a whole body massage using oil based on your energy diagnosis. Oil is applied gradually over the body applying rubbing, kneading, acupressure and other therapies according to your diagnosis. It is a relaxation massage for general well being or to treat specific conditions such as headaches, depression, tension, fatigue, neck and back pain.
Tibetan Medicine considers that disease is related to both body and mind, where the origin of all illnesses is ignorance or lack of knowledge of our life and the influences upon our life. This creates an energetic or emotional imbalance, which eventually show up in physical symptoms.

In Tibetan Medicine, the 5 elements, namely Space, Wind, Fire, Water and Earth give rise to both our internal & external body. There is a direct relationship between the elements, the internal organs and the external sense organs. From this relationship, one can establish the state of the internal organ by observing the sense organ. This aids in determining what is causing disharmony.

Tibetan medicine considers 4 main curative approaches: diet, behaviour / lifestyle, herbal medicines and external therapies. Ku Nye is one of the most important external therapies of the Tibetan Medical system. 

When treating specific problems, I may work on some of the 250 points on the body. These points can be pressed, rotated, tapped with fingers or with a special stick (Yuk Cho). The massage may include other types of external therapies: 

  • Hot Stone & Shell Massage (Do Nye)
  • Hot /Cold Compress (Duk Cho)
  • Stick Therapy (Yuk Cho)
  • Moxibustion (Me Tza)
  • Mongolian Moxibustion (Hor Me)
  • Cupping (Me Bum)
  • bLha Massage (bLha Chung)
  • Chakra Massage (Tsa Kor)

Stick Therapy (Yuk Cho) – The use of specially designed rattan sticks with either herb filled pouches or wooden attachments. The rattan permits flexibility to the stick and when tapped on the body, exerts a vibration on the point at both the gross and subtle levels. Any disorders come to the surface for releasing and gently dissipate.

Moxibustion (Me Tza) – The application of heat to points, to pacify wind (rLung) or phlegm (Badken) blockages. The mugwort (Artemsia) has a therapeutic action, the heat produced by the burning promotes the smooth circulation of blood and energy and eliminates energy blocks.

Mongolian Moxa (Hor Me) – Hor Me moxa is a gentle form of moxa especially to treat wind (rLung) energy in order to restore balance. The application involves an herb pouch heated in oil and applied to specific points to give warmth. Most effective for emotional and mental imbalances, to calm and release stress and tension.

Cupping (Me Bum) – Suction is created and cups are placed at certain points to remove excess humoural accumulation and creating a harmonious flow of energy. Can be used for all imbalances.

bLha Massage (bLha Chung) – bLha is the pure energy of the 5 elements and it is the vital essence of the consciousness. This energy circulates around the body according to the lunar cycle. We can loose or diminish this protective energy, symptoms include sadness, waking suddenly, dull skin, anxiety and mental confusion. bLha massage is the most effective way to attract back the dispersed bLha energy. The practice involves tracing lightly with my fingertips on the relevant part of the body, drawing and visualising the Tibetan letter and colour, while reciting the relevant Tibetan sound.

What happens?

For the initial session, I will ask you to complete an intake form and then, through questioning and observation, I’ll determine your dominate constitutional energy, which helps me to choose the appropriate oil and therapy to use specifically for you. As we begin the treatment, I’ll tie red string around the 4th finger and 4th toes, in order to provide bLha protection. Then I’ll ask you do some simple breathing exercises whilst I mentally recite mantras, calling for guidance and assistance from the ancestral Tibetan Masters.

Ku Nye massage may be on a floor mat or a massage table. The treatment begins with massage applied to the head and face, working down the front of the body first, then working down the back of the body. With a strong emphasis on nurturing, I ensure to involve all the senses during the session as we believe the sense organs are linked to the internal organs. It is a beautifully supportive therapy.

Ku Nye massage can take up to 3 hours for a session.


Ku Nye Massage is a nurturing body work session and is beneficial for people who are looking for more than a physical massage or who are tired or getting half body massages. It works on the mind-body connection and is excellent for disorders of the mind such as depression, anxiety, insomnia and grief. Physical injuries such as muscle ailments are also effectively treated with Ku Nye Massage.

For those who have ‘tried everything’ in search of good health, Ku Nye Massage helps to restore balance and harmony in your life.

Some benefits of regular Ku Nye Massage:

  • Improves softness of connective tissue
  • Enhances the blood’s circulation
  • Reduces blood pressure and heart rate
  • Assists in the elimination of metabolic waste
  • Relaxes muscles and releases trigger points as blood-flow improves throughout the body
  • Increased joint mobility and flexibility
  • Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Reduces pain and increases body awareness
  • Boosts the Endocrine system with the release of endorphins
  • Increases lymphatic flow encouraging the lymph to circulate through the body more efficiently
  • Assists the digestive system with relaxation
  • Increases mental clarity
  • Reduces anxiety and releases unexpressed emotions
  • General feelings of well-being
Are you pregnant or have mobility concerns?

After the first trimester, pregnant women may enjoy and benefit from a soothing massage (and so will their baby!). Using a floor mat, I offer massage safely for pregnant women who lay on their side. A floor mat can also be a better option for people who experience mobility concerns or don’t like massage tables. On a floor mat, you’ll feel safe and grounded. 

Everyone including pregnant women, senior citizens and young people can all benefit from massage.