Seated (Chair) Massage

Woman having back massage in medical officeSometimes known as Chair Massage, this unique massage style nurtures and releases any issues in the upper body. Seated massage sessions offer full support of the head (with face forward) allowing you to relax completely as I work on releasing tension from muscle groups in the back, shoulders, arms and hands.

I use my posture, body weight, movement and massage techniques to achieve a beneficial massage on all levels of your being. To round out the upper body therapy, I massage the neck, head and scalp to complete a full sense of release and relaxation.

Seated massage is a wonderful massage and particularly great for those who find it difficult lying down on a mat or massage table.

Elderly massage offerings

Its important that all members of our community experience the benefit of nurturing massage and the elderly truly benefit from someone being there just for them. I may visit Retirement villages or Aged Care centres to gently massage the back, neck and head which facilitates movement and relaxation. In some cases, it may be preferred to use your own seat, chair or even walking frame. It’s important that you are comfortable and safe.  I work with you to ensure the right treatment is developed just for you. 

Corporate Seated Massage

Seated massage brings relief to office desk workers and having been one myself, I know first hand how beneficial it can be. I prefer to visit organisations where several short sessions may be catered for and prefer using my purposely build massage chair where possible. Please contact me to discuss your requirements for your organisation.