Tibetan Usui Reiki

The foundation of all spiritual practice is love. That you practice this well is my only request – the 14th Dalai Lama

Reiki Healing is essentially a spiritual healing, using energy. There is cosmic energy or universal energy all around us as well as within us. This energy can be known simply as love or healing energy. Love is the only way to heal.

Reiki is from the Heart Centre or Chakra, and our hands are an extension of our hearts. The energy extends from the Heart Centre to the hands, through which this healing energy emanates.


My Reiki sessions are offered with you resting comfortably and fully clothed on a massage table with a pillow and a blanket. Even before you arrive, I prepare my own mind by performing Buddhist rituals and mantras. I’ll then discuss the healing process with you and we’ll work through any other requirements you may need.

The process of Reiki is to invoke the healing for you, through my hands which I lay along or just over the body, first on the front and then on the back of the body.

Reiki is the process of invoking love or universal energy, to promote health and peace. Reiki works on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It is a wonderful way to relieve stress and can be given to persons of any age, illness or condition.


Usui Sensei developed the current practice of spiritual healing together with the 3 attunements or blessings known as Reiki. He was of Buddhist/Shinto background.

Around 1922, he went to Mount Kurama (Kurama Yama), where he fasted and meditated to understand the secrets of healing. Mt Kurama is well known as a holy and spiritual place where pilgrims come to circumambulate.

For over a month it is said that he fasted and prayed until he obtained a vision, where he experienced healing and the manifestation of symbols. He experienced white light descending into his head. Later, he used this experience to heal people and eventually to teach this healing ability.