Michelle Grech, Holding Balance

‘I feel so blessed to have Gabriella as my Massage Therapist. It is important for me, my overall wellness. Gabriella plays a vital role in facilitating my needs using Ku Nye -Tibetan Traditional Massage.

Gabriella is professional, respectful, warm and attentive Ku Nye Massage Therapist Practitioner. I feel at immediate ease when I enter her inviting nurturing space. Ku Nye Massage is so beautiful to receive. Each session is individual and unique experience. No Ku Nye Massage session is ever the same.

I highly recommend Gabriella as a Ku Nye Massage Practitioner. Do not underestimate the healing power of Ku Nye Massage.’


‘The massage from Gabriella was really lovely and uplifting’


‘I highly recommend Gabriella. You have a real gift for massage, both relaxation and therapeutic. Afterwards I feel mentally refreshed, and better in the body as well.’

Ginny Hall

‘Thank you for the meditative massages I had with you. The oils, the music and your hands combined to transport me to a place of peace. The Tibetan approach you give is highly effective healing and calming treatment’


‘The experience I had of a Tibetan Massage with Gabriella was truly wonderful. The combination of music, incense, bells, hot stones and the therapeutic massage transported me to the mountains of Tibet! The after effects of the treatment were excellent. I felt relaxed, yet alert and calm, able to think clearly. If I win tattslotto this weekend I’m making a regular 2 hour weekly booking. I have also given gift vouchers to family and friends; the experience of a massage is the perfect way to tell someone you love them. Thanks Gabriella’


‘I often think of your massage. I found the whole experience a very special time just for me, more so than the usual massage experience. It was extremely relaxing and I left feeling very peaceful and calm. Thank you. I wish you well.’


‘I received two glorious massages from Gabriella while I was pregnant – both were blissfully relaxing and helped relieve various pregnancy aches I was suffering from. I wasn’t able to have the full Tibetan stone massage due to my belly bump, but am really looking forward to that now I’m no longer pregnant. Gabriella has a wonderfully warm and trustworthy manner so is a great person to receive a healing massage from. I would highly recommend her and very much look forward to my next massage with her.’