Yoga is about bringing balance to the physical and energetic body. Balance refers to life. We often hear the term ‘everything in moderation’ and in Buddhism, moderation relates to ‘the Middle Way’. And that’s how I approach Yoga; the Middle Way.


Yoga should be available to the everyone, irrespective of flexibility, size or shape.  Yoga is not just about Asanas (yoga postures) and it’s certainly not an exercise regime. It’s so much more.

Yoga as a practice which brings an awareness of the body, the breath and the mind; to centred-ness and stability.

Yoga can be practiced on a mat on the floor, making use of blocks, bolsters or blankets to support the body as we do in the tender practice of Restorative Yoga.

Chair Yoga is an alternative for people who may feel uncomfortable lying and rising up from the floor. Using a chair supports you can sense a balance to the physical, mental and energetic bodies.

I want to encourage you to feel comfortable and relaxed in Yoga, to inspire you to move within your own limits and become aware of the sense of your body feels. To embrace mindfulness.

Please don’t close yourself from Yoga. If you feel less mobile, not so flexible, fuller figure, recovering from injury, we offer you a nurturing, supportive and safe place for you to participate. Everyone can experience the benefit through Yoga. See more about Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga or Chair Yoga.