The circle is a symbol of energy, life and transformation. It’s within this sacred circle that we open ourselves to the qualities of good health; the balance of the mind, energy and body.

At Within the Circle, we specialise in Traditional Tibetan Massage (Ku Nye) and we’re located in the Abbotsford Convent and Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Our extensive integrated service include Tibetan Usui Reiki, Chair Massage, iRest Meditation, Nejang Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Ear Candling and Drum Healing.

Within The Circle was established in June 2005 to support and nurture the mind-body connection. When positive nurturing feelings are felt through the physical body, those peaceful feelings flow through to the nervous system at the cellular level, healing and nourishing the inner body. When our inner body (emotional or spiritual) is in perfect harmony, there is no room for illness to exist.

Phone: 0417 112 958
Email: withinthecircle108@gmail.com
By appointment only

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